The Royal KIS Aecosol Spray is actually an aerosol in disguise: this unique invention has exactly the same spray characteristics as an aerosol. The fine atomisation ensures equal distribution over the hair. It is an effect that you normally only see with an aerosol, and yet Aecosol Spray can achieve this without a propellant. With this 100% sustainable spray you strengthen your hair in a 100% sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Add to that: directly after spraying the Aecosol Spray on your hair it is dry. With a strengthening factor of 8, the spray is extremely strong while leaving the hair feeling soft and natural. Thanks to the smoothing effect on the hair surface the hair becomes glossier and more flexible. A unique hairspray, which is ecological and economical. Ecological because it is free from propellants and economical
because a 100 ml pump spray is equal to an aerosol of 300 ml. The content of the Aecosol is therefore equal to an aerosol
containing 900 ml.


Additional information

Weight 0.307 kg
Dimensions 5.4 × 5.4 × 23 cm